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Amy Pease is a long time great supporter of DAWS and new team member. She had the opportunity to run with DAWS Captain and founder Joseph Kolinsky. Visit Amy and Mike Pease’s page for more information on how you can support their journey.  Here is Amy’s story


Getting connected with DAWS I knew our annual Laurel Run flag relay was going to be held and wondered if anyone wanted to come to run the Laurel-thon. I emailed Mitch (Brannen), Brian (Johnson) and Joe (Kolinsky) to see if anyone had interest to run a VERY LONG HILLY course (shy under 30 miles) for an amazing cause ( Joe offered seeing he was the closest to me AND a fellow New Yorker.


Friday morning came quickly. My alarm went off at 4:45am. I sluggishly got up and ready to leave. Thankfully I had packed the car the night prior and had grabbed the frozen water bottles from the freezer, threw them into the cooler and left to get Joe. I called him to make sure he was up and ready for his trek down the middle of Chautauqua County. We got to 75 Jones & Gifford Ave in Jamestown approximately 5:50. Paul Gavin and Keith Gregoire were already there. They had ran the prior year when there was stifling heat and humidity. Thankfully, this year it was 50 degrees to start the Laurel-thon.


At 6:03am-they took off.


Their first hill was the largest….. Airport Hill. As I met them quarter way up, they were still smiling and were doing “good”. You can see the three of them running in my side mirror on the downward side of the hill.



This pic is at the bottom of the hill.


This pic is the bottom of Airport Hill about 7 miles in…… (see those hills ahead off in the distance?? YES-that is to come)


Their first stop was in Gerry, about a mile from the bottom of the hill. They rested and stretched for a few minutes. They felt strong and were ready to take off again. Joe joked with Paul and Keith that I told him it was a relatively “flat” course!!!

The second stop was going to be in Sinclairville, before the second hill. I drove ahead, but half-way in between lives a friend/co-worker of mine who I knew I could get out to cheer them on with me. Sinclairville came around 8:20. They were about 11.7 miles in. It was only 62 degrees out. Which was great compared to last year, when it was already mid 80s with extremely high humidity by 9am. Paul and Keith were happy that it was staying cooler!!


They rested, stretched and off they went up the hill by Cassadaga Central School.



There they go–downside of Cassadaga Valley School hill.


The next rest point was to be at the Cassadaga Rest Stop.


I drove to the rest stop and waited with Jerry for a while. We discussed the route ahead, his son did not enjoy the next few miles, since it’s a steady slight increase after coming off Cassadaga Central School hill. Paul arrived first, then by Keith. They said Joe was a little behind them as he was slowing up off that second hill decline. He arrived and was doing ok; his right foot was slightly starting to bother him. He rested a few minutes and carried onward while Paul and Keith started ahead.

Knowing that Paul and Keith were only a little bit ahead, I decided to park my car at my cousin’s house and take the last 5 (and change) miles with him. We grabbed extra water, my cooling cloth and off we went through the outskirts of Fredonia down to the village of Fredonia. We passed the Correction Officers preparing for the last leg of the flag relay. Knowing Joe’s foot was bothering him and he was a bit tired, “my normal self” started to discuss some of the scenery we were going by, telling stories of the area, my family, our dogs and cats, Disney trips, the much anticipated upcoming Disneyland half weekend and anything else I could think of to fill the time so his mind could stay focused 🙂

Trying to perfect the selfie with my Fujisport camera (so I can run by and snap with the Disney characters to not waste any timeJ)….. How is he still smiling?!?! We’ve got less than 2 miles to go!!!! That’s why!!


The Village of Fredonia was flushing hydrants so I decided to run over and re-wet my cooling cloth and head. BOY-did that feel good!!


We beat the flag!! The annual Laurel-Run kick-off breakfast starts around 7:30am every year with the first runners with the flag leaving 75 Jones & Gifford around 9am. Each leg is approximately 2-3 miles and many of the school district’s runners take a leg.The two schools that ran the last leg with the Lakeview Shock folks were Fredonia and Silver Creek.The leg has some of the Correction Officers from Lakeview Prison/Shock, Dunkirk School students and TRC staffs come with the flag. The Correction Officers run in cadence.

Joe got interviewed by the local newspaper and radio and several of The Resource Center staff and consumers were congratulating him and thanking him for his journey.


HOLY COW—- 4574 calories!!! Better go get the chocolate milk (and then some)!! VERY impressive 29.61 miles.



Sadly he was not able to join Mike and I at the Laurel Run on Saturday as he had to leave and get back home first thing in the morning. It was our 2nd year running the Laurel Run, last year was SO brutally hot and humid, I was nervous to face the course again. I’ve come so far with my training, but those hills last year were bad and all I recall was the one stretch where I wanted to get picked up. The gun shot off at 9:03 and I took off, up the first hill with a 150 feet steady incline……. I’m very happy to say I PRed for an 8K on THAT course!!!!!


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